Crimson War

             Welcome To Crimson War

This RP is designed to fulfill all the desires those who enjoy
Sci-Fi Fantasy could ever have. 
You are welcome to play any type of fantasy character or bring in something from Science Fiction. 
Vampires are just as welcome as Jedi
as long as you can explain your presence. 
Join the evil beings or struggle against them
as your choice may be.  
But remember,
good or evil trust is something that can rarely be spared. 
Trust others at your own risk and be prepared to
fight for your life. 
So continues the Crimson War.

Getting Started

Are you a little confused as to where to go? 

Simply click here and read carefully. 

The Artwork

This is a scene I created using a free 3D art program called DAZ Studio.  You can create work just like it!  I've been using it for just over a year and look at what I can do.  If I can do it anyone can.  Simply click here to get started.